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Libby Schou-Kristensen
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About Me

Elizabeth Ann was born on the 24th April 1959 in King Williams Town, a small town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  Her parents originated from Lancashire, England.

She became known as ‘Libby’ from an early age. Libby was the ‘laat-lammetjie’ in the family with two older sisters and a brother.  Her first school year began in Lancashire and she attended Convent Schools thereafter in South Africa – Sacred Heart Convent, St Annes and St Pius in East London and Pinetown Convent in Kwazulu-Natal.

Four years at Edgewood College qualified her as a Senior Primary Teacher, specialising in remedial education.  Jan and Libby married in 1981 and spent 21 happy years in Pietermaritzburg before moving to Mtunzini on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal in December 2007. They are both animal lovers and have two dogs:  Gretta, a Doberman and Cassey, a Jack Russell.  Two loving cats complete their family: Possum & Sugar.

My teacher training has not been wasted. My heart’s desire is to spend the rest of my days writing and speaking for the Lord. My relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit grows daily and although I still have much to learn, I believe that it is God’s will for me to pass on to you what I have been given. I receive freely from Him and in turn I desire to give freely to you.

Nothing about my writing is theoretical. My golden rule is to only share with you that which has passed through my life first. God’s Word IS life and it GIVES life to all who read it. That is why it is a book that can be read over and over again. No-one likes to eat stale bread and I trust that my writings will be like fresh bread from the table of heaven to yours!

My mission is to draw your attention to the source of all life. Eternal life is not found in a dead religion but in a relationship with a living person – Jesus Christ. Jesus is no longer the Christmas baby-in-a-manager nor is He is the Easter suffering-Saviour-on-the Cross. Jesus rose from the dead and He is currently an interceding-High Priest seated at the right hand of God, the Father and He is our soon-coming King. Jesus wants to be your personal Saviour and it is my privilege to introduce you to Him if you have not already met Him.

Need a Guest Speaker?

For over 20 years God has given me many opportunities to publicly share my personal testimony.

I am passionate about sharing my faith in God with others and I love to encourage and inspire both believers and unbelievers.

Due to my current health restrictions I have made my testimony available on CD. However, whenever possible I make myself available to serve the Lord in person.

Please do not hesitate to ask.