Walking & Talking with God

Dear Neighbour,

Recently a sincere Hindu lady remarked, “I pray every day to God; but I don’t know who He is”. How tragic to speak to someone on a daily basis and years later still not know what He is like or even who He is. The Christian God is different…

He has made Himself known through creation (God’s eternal power and character cannot be seen. But from the beginning of creation, God has shown what these are like by all he has made. Romans 1:20), through the Bible (“The Scriptures tell about me…” John 5:39b) and best of all, through His Son, Jesus Christ (But now at last, God sent his Son to bring his message to us. Hebrews 1:2). God DESIRES to be known and He wants to walk and talk with you every day. He wants you to testify like Paul: “in Him we live and move and have our being”. (Acts 17:28). If your concept of God is a vague “someone-up-there” higher spiritual force, then this letter could be life-changing for you.

Recently I leaned back to retrieve my nightie from under my pillows and dislocated my right hip for the tenth time (three times it was successfully manipulated back into position, but six times I needed hip revision surgery). In a moment of time, my world changed, but God never changes (Malachi 3:6) and He faithfully walked and talked me through my ordeal. God surrounded me with His love and care using the prayers, kind words and actions of many people: I thank God for each and every one who ministered to me especially the extraordinary care of the Empangeni Mounties Ambulance Service who went the extra mile to enquire about my well-being the following day, Dr Kriek and Dr Venter, who used their God-given gifts to restore me and the caring staff of the Surgical Ward. A few days before my dislocation, I learned of a special young man who was looking for a verifiable miracle as proof of God’s existence. I told God that if it meant that he would believe, then I would love to be his miracle. Moral: Be ready for an eventful week if you volunteer to be somebody’s miracle. A ball-and-socket joint that has a partial protective cover to PREVENT dislocation, needs a MIRACLE to get it back! I pray that my letter has convinced you that God wants to walk and talk with you in your daily life.

Please don’t waste your time praying to a god who is dead, has no personal attributes and who is powerless to intervene in a real and meaningful way in your life. Experience the joy of knowing the Christian God and walking and talking with Him in the best and worst of times 24/7.

x Libby