The Day Of Small Things

We live in an instant society where we even catch ourselves telling the microwave to hurry up!  Patience has never been one of my strengths and I really need God’s help in this area of my life.  During the past few weeks I have been uptight about my exercise programme and frustrated with myself as I did not feel that I was progressing as fast as I would like.

At one of our church Home Group meetings we watched an excellent DVD by Andy Stanley. It is a five part series on TIME and I learnt a valuable lesson that has had a profound effect on me. Andy taught that when you CONSISTENTLY DO THE RIGHT THING that it has a CUMULATIVE EFFECT.  He used exercise as an example.  After thirty minutes of daily exercise we may not see any dramatic changes in the way we look, our fitness levels or how we feel BUT if we stick at it on a consistent basis it has a cumulative effect and at the end of a year we have our reward.  Likewise, consistently eating nutritious home cooking will pay high dividends in the long term.  I naturally related this concept to my writing.  By consistently putting in the hours at the end of three and a half years I had a book!

Andy pointed out that the opposite is also true.  If we CONSISTENTLY NEGLECT TO DO SOMETHING it will also have a CUMULATIVE EFFECT.  Neglecting to consistently spend time with your children will have a cumulative effect and one day you will wake up and realize that you do not have a relationship with them. You will live to regret that you never took the time to do the small things.

The daily small things I do suddenly took on new significance. I have found that my motivation levels are much higher because although I may not be experiencing any dramatic immediate effects of exercise, I now see the ‘bigger picture’.  I know that what I am doing on a daily basis, no matter how small it may be, is adding another piece in the puzzle and one of these days I will stand back in amazement when I see the completed picture!

For who has despised the day of small things? (Zechariah 4:10) This is one of my favourite verses.  Small things add up to much when placed in the Lord’s hands.  A little boy gave his small lunch of fish and bread to Jesus and Jesus used it to feed over 5 000 men, women and children!  David’s early years were spent caring for sheep but his small beginning led to him becoming King of Israel. Jesus was an ordinary carpenter before He became the Saviour of the world. Who knows where your small beginnings will lead you?!

God bless!