An Easter Roadblock

Dear Neighbour,Have you noticed that no sooner are the Christmas decorations packed away in the shops than out come displays of Easter eggs! I do enjoy the marshmallow variety and personally I could eat them every month of the year but it kind of spoils what should be a very special time. This year I am restricting this pleasure to the Easter weekend. Easter is much more than chocolate bunnies, buns and a long weekend. Certainly, enjoy hunting for chocolate eggs with the children but do remember the spiritual reason for the holiday…

Easter is the celebration of the greatest moment in all of history when it became possible for man to be reconciled back to God. Sadly, we have all inherited the ‘sin gene’ from Adam and Eve. Too bad we can’t choose what we inherit! In the Garden of Eden they chose to abuse their liberty and disobey God. Sin, sickness and death – everything that causes us so much grief today – entered the human race. On the day we celebrate as Good Friday, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died an agonizing death on a Roman cross. It has become a ‘good’ day for us but for Him it was His worst day on earth. Jesus not only suffered excruciating physical pain but also the pain of separation from His Father. Jesus, a sinless man, became sin for you and I and so became our Saviour. Many people acknowledge Easter as an event in history and a long-weekend on the calendar but many never understand the personal implication it has for them.It is critical that everyone has an ‘Easter experience’. The Cross of Calvary is the biggest roadblock that God could ever place across your path to prevent you from facing eternal destruction! Roadblocks are designed to make you stop. Every Easter you have the opportunity to acknowledge what Jesus did for you – don’t brush it aside. Stop, kneel down and look up into the eyes of your Saviour. It was not the nails that held Jesus’ hands and feet to the cross, it was His love for you. It was an amazing act of love to reconcile you back to your Heavenly Father.On Easter Sunday we celebrate the fact that His cross and tomb are empty – Jesus rose from the dead! He is now seated in heaven with God. The resurrection power Jesus displayed is part of every Christians’ inheritance. We, too, will rise from the dead and be given glorious resurrection bodies. For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. (1 Corinthians 15:22 – the whole chapter makes great reading!). Jesus wants to give you the free gift of eternal life.  It is yours if you ask.

Let’s celebrate God’s version of Easter – it is much better than anything the world has to offer!

Easter Blessings! x Jan & Libby